Bicol Travel Diary: Day 3 and 4

**I decided to post this (days) as one because I think it would be lengthy to have a separate blog post. So here it goes…

Technically, Day 3 is actually Holy Wednesday at that time being. And so, I think that day was supposed to be our rest day and well it was a day specifically for the procession (upcoming procession of the saints to be viewed on a Good Friday)

In the Philippines, mostly in provinces (where most people still follows the old tradition), where Holy week is celebrated vibrantly. They would usually prepare at home, cook home grown Filipino food for visitors (just like having fiesta) and of course the parade of saints. You think of it as a birthday party for all the people in your family and your barangay also. HAHAHA

In our family, particularly on my father side (Young Clan), we do the same as cooking but instead of the parade of saints; we have our own “Pabasa” and in time of Holy week is much like a reunion for us.

So, having said that celebrating Holy Week in Bicol is a great experience for me! Cheers to doing it for the first time 🙂

These are some photos of us last Holy Wednesday spent in Bicol.

After the long walk and contemplating, we had a goodnight sleep. WE ARE GOING TO HIT THE BEACH DAY AFTER!!!!! Goodnight, loves!


As a tradition for the elders, we weren’t really allowed to go out of the house because of a religious belief. But as they say, spending your first time in the province we must explore also, and so we did.

After doing our research (via Google) searching for some beach around. We reached a small virgin beach called locally as Oas Beach. From Ligao (where we originally stayed), it was almost a 2 hours’ drive. The place is serene and calm and SUPER HOT!

We stayed there for around 4-5hours because we have to get back for dinner. We discovered a group island (I think) and it was called as Trinity Island! From Oas Beach we rented a boat and we walk a little more to see the whole place and a house nearby.

We actually met the owner of the house; unfortunately some people are trying to commercialize the virgin private island. But they do let tourist stay sometimes given that they would first call in or maybe have it rented, because that island is too far from the city. Also, they are still looking into the possibility of opening it to the public SOON.


I am truly amazed by everything in that place and YES, I WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK!


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